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Everything was handled quickly and professionally. I can’t remember the last time I was more satisfied with a doctor’s visit or felt like someone really cared about my condition. I even received a follow-up call the next day. You guys are awesome.

Dennis L.

Highly recommend this ER! The staff and Doctor were awesome! Labs in 20 min and CT results in same time. I don't know of another ER that could do that. I have been a Paramedic for 24 years and not seen this level of efficiency before. Great job Prestige ER!

Jeffery M.

This place works fast and has wonderful service. The staff are well informed and on the same page all the time. There is never a wait time when my emergencies come up and I'm out within a very short time. I've been to the ER quite a few times the past few years and been laughed at and made fun of at other facilities. The other facilities would take up to 9 hours to get me out only to tell me they don't know what was wrong with me. NOT THIS PLACE. This one is the one I trust the most!

Prestige ER not only gave me exceptional care, the Dr. took the time to research what my condition was and treat it more accurately than any other specialist I had seen thus far. They urgently got me the care necessary to prevent a life threatening issue. The Dr. and staff at Prestige ER saved my life!

I took my one year old in for possibly having RSV. The staff was quick to test for RSV and flu. He tested positive for RSV and they treated him quickly. They did X-rays to make sure he wasn’t developing pneumonia. Luckily his lungs were clear. We were in and out rather quickly. If we had went to another hospital I know we would have been there much longer waiting to be seen. Thank you for treating my baby so quickly and very caring.

Melissantos G.

I absolutely loved this ER clinic, It is the cleanest facility I’ve seen so far and it exceeded all of my expectations. The nurses are extremely nice and personable, they make you feel like a person, not a number. And it is clear that Doctor Reyes genuinely cares about the patients and truly listens to what the problem is before jumping to conclusions. He was exceptionally knowledgeable, to the point and caring. I am so glad my friend referred me and found them, if me or my family ever have any issues at all I finally found a doctor I can trust. And that is not something I found easy to say in the past. He is the best.

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