Month: April 2021

The Legend of the ER Debunked

As one of the main lines of defense in our most frightening and life-threatening moments, the emergency room has always been a hot topic. It shows up in television shows and debates about health care and all kinds of assertions get thrown around about it – some of which are very misleading. While we … [Read more...]

When to Go to the Emergency Room for Migraines

It’s common to think that emergency rooms are filled with people who want to saw their legs off or have a tree branch stuck in their chest cavity (cue Grey’s Anatomy). Not to say that these bizarre situations have no chance of happening in real life; there’s always a probability that something may … [Read more...]

8 Benefits of a Freestanding Emergency Room

Freestanding emergency rooms are vital during this pandemic. They are caring for coronavirus patients, thereby lightening the load on local area medical facilities. This happened due to a request from the Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers in Texas. They asked the Health and Human … [Read more...]