Top 5 Most Common Reasons to Visit the Emergency Room in San Antonio

Top 5 Most Common Reasons to Visit the Emergency Room in San Antonio

It is not uncommon for people to seek medical attention for ER services. In fact, approximately 124 million people visit emergency clinics in the United States each year for various reasons. Prestige Emergency Room offers full-service emergency care 24/7, 365 days a year, for patients around the San Antonio area. For the 5 most common types of emergency services and what they mean, read more below:

1. Emergency Services: Pain in the Chest, Back, or Abdomen

Chest pain may indicate a heart attack or other life-threatening lung issues. Because of this risk, many people go straight to an emergency room wh experiencing this kind of pain. Chest pain can present itself as a dull ache or a sharp pain. 

Pain in the back can be caused by over-exertion or injury. It can also present itself in varying degrees, from dull to sharp pain. Back pain can significantly limit your mobility, so many do not want to wait a while to seek treatment. Doctors can prescribe pain medications, or other routes, such as surgical treatment or physical therapy, may be discussed.

Abdominal pain may be caused by a bacterial, viral infection, or other reasons determined by your doctor. Pain can coincide with fever, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea and can indicate underlying conditions such as appendicitis, food allergies, ulcers, IBS, kidney stones, or a stomach virus. 

2. Fractures and Sprain Services

Sprains and fractures can happen to anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. They can occur from twisting or blunt force to the bones. Broken bones should be looked at as soon as possible to ensure proper healing. Visit San Antonio emergency services to have a doctor look at sprains and determine the best treatment route. 

3. Imaging Services

Imaging services provided by Prestige emergency services in San Antonio include Ultrasound, X-Ray, and CT scans. These services are used in different situations depending on what information the doctor needs to determine a diagnosis. Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to create an image with the help of a transducer and computer. Digital X-Rays use radiant beams of light that pass through the body to give an image of what is under the skin. CT scans create digital images that allow for a look into the cross-section of the body. 

4. Respiratory Services

Upper respiratory infections, including pneumonia, are a common reason to visit the emergency room. These infections can be viral or bacterial. Respiratory infections and pneumonia can cause coughing, breathing difficulties, and fever. Antibiotics may help quell the growth of bacteria that may be present in the lungs. 

5. Lab Work Services

Knowing what’s wrong can make a huge difference in your health. Different illnesses, diseases, and conditions can be diagnosed through lab testing. Tests can range from blood counts to strep testing to kidney and liver function testing. Prestige ER offers advanced, modern, in-house testing that provides fast results to get you on the road to treatment and recovery.

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