Why It’s Important to Be Honest with Your Emergency Room Doctor

Why It’s Important to Be Honest with Your Emergency Room Doctor

According to a 2018 study published in the JAMA journal, up to 80% of all patients withhold information or lie to their doctors. The reasons range from not wishing to be lectured or judged to avoiding embarrassment or wanting to be liked by their healthcare provider. However, it is important to be honest with all healthcare providers, especially your emergency room doctor, for several reasons.

Honesty About Your Daily Habits Provides Valuable Insights

Being honest with the ER doctor about your daily habits, such as how much you smoke or drink alcohol, can help them design the most optimal treatment plan for you. This is because some habits can worsen side effects or render some medications ineffective.

Your Doctor Has Seen it All

Withholding information from your emergency room doctor because you don’t want to be embarrassed is unnecessary. Doctors have seen and heard it all in their many years of practice. Besides, your doctor has your best interests at heart, so opening up helps them do their best to restore you to optimum health and wellness.

Your Beliefs and Opinions Are Key to Successful Treatment

Your successful treatment depends on a partnership between you and your healthcare team. Therefore, be forthright about any beliefs or opinions that could impact your treatment. For example, if you have personal or religious concerns about a proposed medical procedure, let your ER doctor know, so they are considered when designing your treatment plan.

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