COVID information/Pricing

COVID-19 Testing Information and Price 


  • We are a state licensed Free-Standing Emergency Department, and as such, will only provide testing as part of a regular Emergency Department visit.  For any non-emergent testing needed, examples of which include but are not limited to re-testing to be cleared to return to work, or testing simply required by your employer without exposure or symptoms, you will be referred to an outpatient clinic or state site for testing.  These types of tests can NOT be performed at our facility.   
  • FOR CASH PAYING PATIENTS ONLY (insured patients please see next bullet):  Our current cash price for the COVID-19 test itself is $100. However, PLEASE NOTE:  There will be additional costs for the Emergency Department that varies dependent on the level of care needed.  
  • For privately insured patients, the Families First Act, and CARES Act mandate that there will be no out of pocket costs to you for testing which include co-payments and deductibles. 
  • All retesting for returns to work or employer mandated testing with no symptoms or exposure will need to be performed at an outpatient testing site as this would not constitute an emergent condition or visit. 
  • Why is there an additional charge outside of the cost of the test? 
  • You are visiting a licensed Texas Emergency Room.  Our costs incurred to provide care to the hundreds of additional patients on a daily 24/7/365 basis includes a vast increase in staffing that greatly increases costs to the facility. 
  • All COVID testing is performed during the course of an Emergency Department evaluation and work up.  We’re are not solely a COVID testing center. 
  • Additionally, Texas State Law does not allow licensed Free Standing Emergency Departments to bill at lower outpatient rates and all patient visits must be billed and charged equally based on level of service. 


*Price includes prompt pay discount