Private Transportation

Private San Antonio Emergency Medical Transportation

Prestige Emergency Room exclusively offers a concierge transportation service for patients seeking a ride to and from any of our facilities. Whether a patient is picked up by Uber or transferred out by our private ambulance service, Prestige ER is ready to serve you. We are dedicated to excellence by serving our patients in the best way possible. Because of this, we provide our private emergency medical transportation services to make sure we provide you with excellent care in any situation.

Private Emergency Medical Transportation Services

If a patient requires a hospital admission, our private ambulances are dedicated to our emergency room making the wait time for a transfer shorter than a city ambulance in some cases. Our trained emergency medical technicians will then transport you to the nearest hospital or one of your choosing to receive further treatment. We don't a single second to get you the help you need. Emergencies don't wait, and neither should you!

Our complimentary Uber services are arranged for patients in less severe emergency situations seeking immediate care. Even so, we still provide the best world-class medical care in minor or life-threatening situations. We make sure transportation is never a reason you cannot receive the care you deserve.