Digital X-Ray

San Antonio Emergency X-Ray Services

Our doctors and radiologists care for a variety of patients in need of x-ray services for health conditions and injuries.


Emergency Digital X-Ray Physicians in San Antonio?

The X-Ray examination is one of the most commonly used tests in an emergency room environment. It is a versatile test that is used in routine care regularly, but also has many applications in urgent diagnosis. X-rays can detect all kinds of ailments, including many cancers, broken bones, and foreign objects. A gunshot wound victim could need an urgent X-ray to find the bullet so that it can be removed, or to see where bleeding needs to be stopped in the wounded area.


What is Digital X-Ray?

Digital X-ray's are used to diagnose a number of conditions and health issues. This test is done using beams of light that pass through the body, identifying different materials based on their density. For example, the air in your lungs shows up black, or “invisible” because the light goes right through it. Muscle and fat will appear grey, while bones, metal, and most foreign objects will appear as white. This allows doctors to examine the images and diagnose many conditions. Some digital X-rays will require a contrast substance to get better clarity. This is done using substances like barium and iodine.

Digital x-ray Includes:

  • Fractures and arthritis
  • Infections
  • Dental decay
  • Bone cancer
  • Lung infection
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Enlarged heart
  • Blood vessel blockages
  • Digestive issues
  • Swallowed objects

Care when it counts
Prestige ER offers 24/7 emergency medical care services that include digital X-ray services. Our machines handle a wide range of issues and illnesses that can be detected and monitored by x-ray, including dental x-rays and oral surgery services. Our radiology testing offers same day results, providing accessible diagnostic imaging to support your diagnosis and treatment plan.


Our focus on X-Ray Excellence

We have an experienced team of doctors and radiologic technologists that provide accurate testing and diagnostic results. They will also work quickly to help you develop a treatment plan, focusing on digital X-ray results to help determine the most effective course of action. Our radiology team works closely with all departments to create the best treatment and prevention for each patient. Our X-ray testing services are your go-to resource when you need to know what’s going on inside your body. We offer a comfortable environment with convenient services for a better healthcare experience.