San Antonio Urinalysis Testing Physicians

Our emergency doctors provide care for a variety of kidney disorders and urology conditions that could affect the body’s kidneys, bladder, and other related systems.

Emergency Urinalysis testing Services in San Antonio :

  • Drug screening
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Kidney stones
  • Liver disease
  • Pre-admission testing
  • Routine exams

What is Urinalysis Testing?

A San Antonio urinalysis involves collecting a sample of urine from patients to test for various health conditions. This test will involve examining the contents of the urine as well as the appearance and concentration. Tests are done to test for high protein content in the case of kidney-related conditions, for example. Urinalysis for the sake of drug screening or pregnancy testing looks to find substances that aren’t normally in urine, which will indicate a positive result if they are found.

When is a Urinalysis an emergency?

In most cases, a urinalysis is a routine screening. It is commonly used to check overall health and diagnose many medical conditions, but it can become an urgent test in some cases. Those who are suffering from kidney stones may need an emergency room urinalysis to diagnose and treat the painful condition. A clinical urine test could also be urgent for those suffering from extreme or intolerable pain in the lower back, abdomen, or while urinating, as well as those who present with blood in the urine. These are serious symptoms that cannot wait.

Care when you need it

Prestige ER has convenient 24 hour services available seven days a week. We provide a variety of testing and diagnostic services, including clinical urine testing for a number of conditions with same day results in most cases. Plus, we can provide local, accessible resources to help diagnose and treat all disorders related to abnormal urinalysis.

Our focus on urologic and kidney care

You can trust our doctors to provide accurate, quick diagnosis of health issues related to your urinalysis screen. We focus on all types of health issues and urinalysis testing in San Antonio, including protein screens, pregnancy testing for hormones in urine, and more. We will provide a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for your condition with our various departments and multidisciplinary approach. Plus, we do it all in a comfortable, convenient healthcare environment.